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Transforming NHS services and organisations

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The NHS has to change locally. How do I make sure that all internal and external stakeholders understand why this is happening and have their voices heard?end quote

With local health services becoming more involved in significant disinvestment and re-investment strategies, there has never been a more critical time to actively engage with internal and external stakeholders when looking to re-shape services. Critically, such initiatives are often those that allow few second chances to make the best first impression.

Hallett O’Neill has been involved in some significant NHS reconfigurations across the country over the last year. This has built on previous experience in supporting both commissioners and providers to co-produce the design and delivery of sustainable health services - those that put quality and safety as a priority.

From producing critical ‘case for change’ documentation and easy to read summaries, to crafting staff and public engagement strategies that link internal organisational objectives to wider service user and public engagement, Hallett O’Neill has ensured that the communications planning matches the task to hand. Communications content from print to video and the web has all been linked to a coherent strategy that helps programme for success.