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Engaging for high performance

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Is employee engagement more than just an annual survey? Can it deliver a measurable return on investment?end quote

David Macleod, author of the government commissioned employee engagement report Engaging for Success, says he stopped counting once he reached 56 different definitions of employee engagement. So yes, most organisations have now woken up to the idea that employee engagement is more than just an annual survey. There is greater understanding that employee engagement needs to move away from the transactional approach of creating an annual survey and then producing a reactive action plan to tackle the emergent issues towards a more transformational and ongoing approach which constantly and consistently involves the workforce in improvement initiatives.

In his 2009 report, Macleod identified four actions that make all the difference when engaging your employees:

In addition, as engagement gains more credence it is increasingly being measured. For example, a 2007 Global Workforce Study by Towers Perrin established a definitive link between levels of engagement and financial performance. Firms with the highest percentage of engaged employees collectively increased operating income 19% and earnings per share 28% year on year

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