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Understanding what good looks like

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My workforce needs to behave differently to work more effectively. How can I make that happen?end quote

Making sure your workforce is clear about what is required of them is the first step to effective performance. We’ve worked with a range of organisations to develop and communicate a clear picture of what good skills and behaviours look like in order to better meet business need. Our work has included carrying out skill gap analyses, implementing clear career pathways and developing competency frameworks based on both skills and behaviours. We’ve brought this to life with Day in the Life of scenarios and personal career case studies.

Working alongside staff and HR advisors, we’ve made sure that these frameworks are embedded in, for example, appraisal processes, organisational strategies and objective setting exercises, job descriptions and induction training. We’ve advised on how to set clear objectives and measurable performance indicators. We’ve set up action learning sets, senior leader cohorts and cross regional systems thinking collaboratives. We’ve introduced coaching and mentoring activities to drive both personal and organisational performance.

Our work with NHS East Midlands – a strategic health authority covering an area the size of Northern Ireland – involved developing a competency framework for the region’s middle and senior level communication staff. We interviewed Chief Executives to find out what communication skills were needed and to benchmark current levels. We designed and delivered carefully focussed workshops supported by action learning sets. We worked with Leeds Metropolitan University to create a Masters Degree in corporate communications for senior staff. We measured our results by carrying out improvement and satisfaction interviews with the same Chief Executives a year later.