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The trusted advisor

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How do I develop better relationships with my customers, staff and stakeholders to help me save money?end quote

Trust is the foundation of all good relationships. There is plenty of evidence to show that trust in the workplace brings positive results like bringing down business cost, saving time, reducing staff turnover and helping to make a place great to work in. Likewise, a relationship of trust with your customer will help manage your organisational reputation and lead to repeat business.

We worked with the Ministry of Justice ICT department to embed the concept of the trusted advisor across all its relationships – from internal customers to external suppliers. We used customer and staff feedback to help build a shared understanding of how the department and its leadership was viewed by staff and customers.

Working with the senior team and engagement champions, we developed a values-led culture change campaign comprising workshops, regular communication from the CIO and team development activities. This enabled us to co-produce a People Proposition and embed the behaviours and actions needed to change the culture and develop better, trusting, relationships with its customers, staff and stakeholders.