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First Impressions Count for national call centre

We believe that the quality of service that reaches the customer begins with the quality of service that staff give each other. In other words: getting your internal communication and relationships right results in better customer service and experience.

In 2012, Hallett O’Neill worked with a large national call centre. Our task was to help them improve customer service and experience, building a customer focussed culture. Key to this was making sure that customer impressions of the service were improved by developing better communication flows from back office staff to front line staff so that issues resolved satisfactorily by a single call or email.

We took more than 120 staff through a bespoke, interactive workshop designed to increase staff engagement by showing them how their work and feedback added value to both the customer and the business. These workshops improved staff understanding of what good customer communication and service looks and feels like. The creation of action plans also gave them an opportunity to identify business issues which teams could own and improve. Our behaviours driven behaviours driven First Impressions Count brand campaign made improvements visible across the Call Centre and ensured that all staff knew what was happening and what they needed to do.

To embed change in the organisation, we ran a senior leader culture mapping workshop, which helped managers across the business understand how organisational culture could be more customer focussed. We also trained Operations team managers in the behaviours that make an engaged organisation.

Finally, we helped them establish a staff led Improvement Action Group to implement 10 High Impact Changes identified in the action plans and created a set of products and tools which they could use to deliver, track and measure the outcomes of their work.

As a result, 95% of staff have a better understanding of what makes for an excellent customer experience. They are more aware of their own responsibility in enhancing this and have changed the way they work as a result. The Improvement Action Group continues to meet regularly and provides the Board with regular updates on its work. The impact on customers is starting to show with the number of times customers need to call back before their problem is resolved falling substantially.

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