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Ministry of Justice IT Profession

The IT Profession within the Ministry of Justice is part of the Government IT Profession sponsored by the Cabinet Office and supported by the Chief Information Officer Council. It is part of the Professional Skills for Government Programme. The Government IT Profession aims to bring together all civil servant IT professionals working across the UK public sector in Government departments, agencies and local government in order to create a joined up, Government-wide IT Profession.

MoJ ICT’s vision for the IT Profession was to build a professional workforce with the right people, with the right skills in the right place at the right time to deliver on the Departmental objective of working for a just and democratic society. This meant developing a community of professionals working wthin a culture of customer focussed continuous improvement.

We supported this aspiration by:

Samples of work

MOJ ICT Careers
MOJ ICT Careers thumbnailThis was a suite of materials that brought to life, using real life case studies, how staff could pursue various civil service IT career paths. In addition to the case studies, there was also an online career pathway tool and a skill gap assessment tool which helped staff understand what skills they needed to develop to progress in their careers.
MoJ ICT People Proposition
moj ITC people proposition thumbnailCo-created with the Staff Engagement Working Group and intended to reflect organisational values, this document was a pact between the workforce, the senior leaders and the organisation. It purpose was to drive high professional performance and it was embedded into working processes and practices such as annual appraisal, induction, and objective setting.
The Hub newsletter
The Hub newsletter thumbnailThis was used to create a shared sense of identity and understanding of IT professionals across the diverse and difuse workforce. Although it was predominantly an electronic format, we also produced paper copies to create a physical presence that would raise awareness of the profession.