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NHS Leadership Centre

The NHS Leadership Centre was an integral part of the NHS Modernisation Agency. Its remit was to raise the profile of leadership and provide leadership development for staff at all levels across the NHS in order to improve healthcare delivery.

Ensuring that NHS staff were aware of Leadership Centre products and opportunities and that leadership was at the heart of any NHS debate required an end to end communications and marketing service. This took the form of:

Samples of work

Leadership Centre promotional flyer
leadership centre promotional flyer thumbnailThis was used in direct marketing campaigns, magazine inserts, chair drops at conferences etc.
poster thumbnailA range of posters illustrating some of the main areas of activity used at exhibitions, in local offices across the Modernisation Agency, during programme delivery etc.
Gateway to Leadership campaign
Gateway to Leadership campaign thumbnailSamples from the Gateway to Leadership recruitment campaign aimed at bringing middle managers from the private sector into the NHS. Working with an external design agency, the campaign was developed after significant research had been done with representatives of the target 30-45 year old target market showing that the desire to make a difference was the biggest driver for working in the public sector.